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The Ones Who Started It All

Grandpa & Grandma Hilton

Grandpa and Grandma bought the land we now call the NorCal Family Farmstead in 1972. Over the decades grandpa had owned various farm animals. They worked hard acquiring more and more land building a legacy for their family. The land was home to grandpas mechanic business, stock car racing garage and the raising of many children and grandchildren. Lots of memories were made on this land. They worked hard making it into their dream. We are forever grateful for their hard work. Grandpa has passed. We like to believe he is in heaven smiling down watching us be good stewards of his land. Grams is still with us and tells us amazing stories about what used to be done on the land we now call the NorCal Family Farmstead.


The Foundation

Pastor Bob & Sally Rodgers

The ones who keep things going. Bob was a former nightclub owner. Sally was a casino manager. So they bring a lot of business sense to the homestead.  When grandpa passed they lived in the California bay area. Grandma was left alone to try and manage the land on her own. That is when they knew it was time to come home. Sally growing up here swore she would never live in Klamath again but coming home to help her mom was the right thing to do. While they were here helping take care of the land. They fell in love with Klamath. They felt a bigger calling to start a church. Since then they have become deeply rooted here in Klamath and pastor Pacific Light Church. On the homestead Sally is the money lady/ business minded one. She also enjoys preparedness. She does all the freeze drying, canning and prepping. Sally and Bob are also the keepers of the bees. Bob is the builder. Que bob the builder theme song. Bob does excellent wood work and can build anything from scratch. A skill he is self taught in. We are blessed to have them as the foundation of the NorCal Family Farmstead.  


The Dreamers

Nathan & Breanna Perrando

Former LEO family turned homesteaders. Brea was a hairdresser/SAHM/PTO mom. Nathan was a Sheriff Deputy. Both running the rat race. They barely saw each other let alone had any time together as a whole family. They knew they couldn't keep going on that way. It was not the life they wanted for their children. As a teen Nathan had dreamed of having a farm. They didn't just want a farm life though, they wanted to learn vintage skills to help them become more self sufficient. They figured there was no time like the present to make that dream happen. So they made the leap. Nathan quit his job. Both having almost no farming skills began the adventure. Using side jobs as income they started homesteading. Nathan tends to everything farm animals. Our pigs, cows, chickens and goats. Breanna is the homemaker, homeschool mom and sourdough enthusiast. Its been a bumpy ride. They have failed a lot but with the lessons learned they are hoping to share their hard learned lessons to help others succeed. There is no regrets. Their family has never been happier.


The Next Generation

Meet the Boys

The children of the homestead needed their own section. These are the Perrando boys. All four belong to Nathan and Breanna. They are happily homeschooled. They all do their own part on the homestead. The two oldest remember our time running the rat race. They always mention how amazing this life is and how they wouldn't want to live any other way. The youngest  other two will only remember this life. Homesteading is lifestyle. They enjoy the slower pace life, kid lead learning and farm driven schedule. Living the dream. 

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